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Activity Highlights: Shenzhen Airlines (ZH) ticketing counter official launch at Hong Kong International Airport
Congratulation on the official launch of the Shenzhen Airlines (ZH) ticketing counter at Hong Kong International Airport on June 8, 2017.

The counter is especially dedicated to ZH’s valuable passengers during transit or departure in HKG for all ticketing issues. Shenzhen Airlines representatives and HAS representatives took a group photo to remark and celebrate the launch service of ticketing counter.
ZH’s General Manager, Hong Kong Office, Mr. Sheng Lin (Third from Left) and ZH’s Hong Kong Station Manager, Ground Services Dept, Marketing & Sales Committee Ms. Yedda Lai (First from Left) had a group photo with HAS Head of Business Development, Mr. Alan Tong (Second from Right), and representatives.
Mr. Alan Tong, HAS Head of Business Development (First from Right) congratulates the launch service of ZH ticketing counter service. Also present are ZH’s General Manager, Hong Kong Office, Mr. Sheng Lin (Second from Left), Trading Co. Vice General Manager, Ms. Li Bin (Second from Right) and Marketing and Sales Committee, Marking Department Of Shenzhen Office Manager, Mr. Li Chun Lin (Second from Left).