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Update on a HAS Staff Preliminarily Tested Positive for COVID-19
Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd (HAS) was notified that a staff member was preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19 in the evening on 04 January 2021. The company has notified the Airport Authority Hong Kong, Air Mail Centre and relevant authorities, as well as staff via intranet immediately.

It is our understanding that the family member of the subcontractor staff was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the earlier time. The individual responsible for cargo handling at Air Mail Centre and last reported to work on 03 January. Staff wore a surgical mask when performing their duties. As a precaution, all co-workers in the same working group with the staff have been arranged placed off duty and took COVID-19 test. HAS has arranged thorough cleaning and disinfection of rest room and locker room. The company has also notified the Air Mail Centre the places where the index staff had visited on the last reported duty day.

The health and safety of all working parties is of paramount importance. We will continue to provide regular updates. All staff members are required to wear a face mask and conducted temperature checks. We always remind all staff to maintain good personal hygiene and advise them to seek medical advice immediately if they feel unwell.