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We aim to be the most customer-centric ground handling partner in Hong Kong by being innovative, efficient and safe. From passenger to cargo, ramp services to transportation and LCC-focused offerings, our services will ensure you’re able to focus on your own customers.

Passenger services

Passenger Services

We provide a comprehensive range of passenger services, from check-in and baggage handling to special assistance for wheelchair users or unaccompanied minors.

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Baggage services

We provide baggage loading and scanning services, as well as support for airlines at the Manual Sortation Facility belt. We are equipped to handle routine passenger enquiries, baggage as well as lost and found claims.


Our flexibility allows us to assign staff in line with airlines’ immediate needs. This can include check-in services, document checking, assisting passengers with self-check-in and setting up queuing areas.

Special assistance

Our staff provide special assistance to passengers including VIPs, wheelchair users, unaccompanied minors and young passengers, conducting them from check-in through to boarding.


We are equipped to assist transit areas with check-in procedures and document checking, facilitating passengers’ passage through the airport and saving airlines valuable time and staffing.


We provide a ticketing service at our landside Information Counter, and we are also able to handle general enquiries and provide assistance, make bookings on partner airlines and accept payment for excess baggage. Staff at the HAS airside services desk can also answer enquiries, supply up-to-date flight information and issue boarding passes.

Reception and boarding

HAS provides the vital last link between the departure terminal and the aircraft, ushering passengers aboard in a timely and orderly manner to get every journey off on the right foot.

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If you would like to benefit from our expert passenger handling services, please get in touch.

Ramp services

Ramp Services

Our ramp services are second to none, allowing us to automate and streamline communication between airlines and the ground, benefiting both revenue and efficiency.

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Aircraft handling

Time is of the essence on the ground, and our Turnaround Coordination Officers take up position on the ramp to coordinate refuelling, baggage loading and unloading, catering and all other operations to ensure every turnaround goes seamlessly.

Cargo services

Our people undertake intensive training in both general and specialist cargo shipments, allowing them to handle cargo loading, unloading and towing of even the most delicate shipments.

Flight dispatch

Our highly qualified dispatchers make use of state-of-the-art communications equipment to provide a superior service, spanning flight plan preparations and filing, Air Traffic Control liaison, meteorological documentation, flight progress monitoring and flight deck communications. With a direct link to the meteorological office, they also provide weather reports and NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) updates. 

Load control

Our Load Control Office provides 24/7 support, preparing loading instructions, communicating with ramp staff, and preparing load sheets for the cockpit.

Service control

Our control centre handles day-to-day flight movements and on-ramp manpower and equipment deployment. For maximum efficiency, teams are assigned in real-time to make the best, most flexible use of manpower, and special shipments are given particular attention. Almost 60 per cent of our ramp services staff have more than a decade of experience, ensuring a well-trained, efficient workforce.

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Learn more about how our ramp services can benefit you: get in touch.

Transportation services

Transportation Services

Our 34-strong transport fleet includes fully equipped eco-friendly vans and buses, all rated Euro VI or above.


Shuttle buses

We offer customised point-to-point shuttles for our customers to ensure their people are consistently on time. In May 2022 we launched a closed-loop crew transport service for crew under quarantine restrictions. We additionally run regular and frequent employee shuttle buses to and from the airport terminal.

Crew transport

We are one of the few to provide a timely, hassle-free crew escort service, guiding them through security and Customs, Immigration and Quarantine procedures at pick-up before shuttling airside or to the airport hotel. 

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Find out more about how our extensive fleet and transportation services can help you.

Station Management Service

Get up and running with ease with our new Station Management Service. We provide carriers with a dedicated, cost-efficient Station Manager as their local representative. Cost-effective, hassle-free set up for your Hong Kong route, with someone experienced in the market and able to liaise with the authorities and agents, and supervise operations. 

Station managemnt service

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For more details about our station management services, get in touch.

Charter flight solutions

Charter Flight Solutions

Our highly experienced, dedicated freighter team is a one-stop shop for charter requests – whether the cargo is pharmaceuticals, live animals, general cargo or more. We understand the airport and the market, allowing us to deliver the highest standards of service and tailor-made solutions.

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Whatever your cargo, we can handle it: contact us to start the conversation.

Low Cost Carrier solutions

Low-Cost Carrier Solutions

Our fully integrated offering allows us to provide a cost-effective solution to low-cost carriers. Our Station Management Service allows LCCs to get up and running efficiently. All of our staff are trained in both full-service and low-cost operations, granting you maximum flexibility, and our efficient baggage loading system cuts down on turnaround times, getting your aircraft in the air as soon as possible. 


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Get in touch to find out more about our flexible, innovative and LCC solutions.

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