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Sustainable development

HAS is committed to promoting sustainable development. As part of the aviation logistics industry, we understand that low-carbon transport is a crucial measure to address climate change. In response to Hong Kong's long-term decarbonisation targets, we have formulated a comprehensive carbon reduction roadmap to grasp the risks and opportunities brought about by climate change. 

HAS owns a huge fleet, while the fuel consumption is responsible for majority of our carbon emission. To this end, we are gradually replacing ground support equipment and vehicles to improve fuel efficiency, and consider switching to clean energy options to decarbonise. Meanwhile, we will continue to manage and review resource utilisation and waste disposal to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. 

While protecting the environment, we are also concerned about social issues, such as Diversity and Inclusion and supporting the community. For example, we arrange talent development programmes and recognise their outstanding contributions to retain valuable human resources, which are also important in ensuring the sustainability of the company.

For more information on our sustainability performance, please refer to the HAS Sustainability Summary below or the Sustainability Report published by Cathay Pacific here.

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