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HAS completed the first cargo loading in passenger cabin

17 April 2020

Hong Kong Airport Services Limited (HAS) completed the cargo loading in the passenger cabin on a Boeing 777-200 aircraft. The charter flight was arranged by the Government of Romania and operated by Nordwind Airlines on 12 Apr 2020. No space was spared on this charter, to ensure it is bringing over as many surgical masks and essential medical supplies as possible to Romania for their frontline heroes and citizens, the flight also carried cargo in passenger cabin too.

HAS demonstrated team spirit and flexibly arranged manpower and equipment for loading cargo in passenger cabin. By taking into consideration the efficiency and safety, apart from uplifting the boxes of medical supplies manually, we deployed a Conveyor Belt Loader and borrowed an Aircraft Catering Tuck from CPCS to ease the transportation of cargo to passenger cabin.

Mr. Alfred Sze, Head of Business Development, said “HAS’s dedicated team of professionals have an extensive knowledge of ramp handling. Although this is our first time to fill passenger seats with cargo, we exhibit innovation and flexibility that makes our customer feels truly appreciated. We are proud to be playing a vital role during these unprecedented time”


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